Fusion 7 Media is a creative marketing agency, pushing the boundaries of design, storytelling, and social media. We specialize in an array of services to a variety of local businesses. We are committed to building brands and developing strong relationships with our clients and our surrounding communities.

  • We offer affordable pricing.
  • Cinematic storytelling and techniques.
  • Professional quality, graphics and influential visualization.
  • Proven and effective social media ads.
  • Marketing strategy and much more.



Emilio Urbina is a seasoned Photographer, Filmmaker, Video Editor & Creative Director who has worked for companies such as Paramount Pictures and Mandalay Films. He attended Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.  After graduation, Emilio had the opportunity to start his career as part of Paramount Picture’s internship program in Hollywood, CA.

Once his internship came to an end, Emilio had the opportunity to work on two major motion pictures. Afterward, he freelanced for a few years from project to project before bringing his creative skills to the social media market. Emilio firmly believes in listening to his clients and producing a product that meets their expectations. Fusion 7 Media will be a valuable asset to any organization they do business with.